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Our Current Available Trials

Dollarphotoclub 70703464Drs. Johnson, Rosenthal and Kasle are committed to providing our patients with excellence in their health care needs, including the opportunity to participate in cutting edge technology that may be available through clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches, including medicine, device or procedures, work in people. Studies are designed to answer scientific questions and try to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat a disease. Clinical trials may also be used to compare a new treatment to a treatment that is already available.

Our physicians participate in a number of clinical trials that may be appropriate as an additional method of treatment if you qualify for the study. Each trial that we participate in has a protocol or treatment plan for conducting the study. lf you are interested in learning more, please ask our office about studies that are currently being offered in one or more of our offices.

Clinical Trials

Vigilant Biosciences "OncAlert" Oral Cancer Screening
(Closed to new entrants)
June 2018 - January 2021

STRYKER Arrinex, Inc. - CT-004 SNIF
(Closed to new entrants)
December 2018 - Present

STRYKER Clarifix - Randomized Control Trial Rhinitis Study
(Closed to new entrants)
October 2019 - Present

Laboratories SALVAT, S.A. “CLEAR-I” Otomycosis
(Closed to new entrants)
January 2020 - Present

Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. - Sensorineural Hearing Loss
(Closed to new entrants)
April 2020 - December 2020

Aerin Medical - RHINTRAC
(Closed to new entrants)
June 2020 - Present.

Aerin Medical - VATRAC Nasal Airway Obstruction
(Closed to new entrants)
July 2020 - Present

Aerin Medical - AERWAY - TP900 Rhinitis
(Closed to new entrants)
September 2020 - Present

Medpace Otonomy OTO-313 -Prospective Double-Blind Study for Unilateral Tinnitus
(Closed to new entrants)
June 2021- August 2022